What ring size to choose?

HOW TO CHOOSE ring size?


Rings are the perfect accessories for every occasion. You can dress up absolutely everything, without worrying about whether "they really fit." It is up to you whether you will dress several smaller rings, or one larger, conspicuously. As it turns out, the biggest challenge is not the choice of a ring styling and their purchase. Perhaps most of you gives up purchase this supplement at online stores for fear of a bad choice. For a small take off the ring and not too large will be slid. Wearing them you should not hinder the normal functioning and cause discomfort. And even if you do not paint the nails zdążyłaś you feel that your hands are beautiful. And we can help you with this;)


Especially for you we have created measure, which measure the circumference of your finger and fits ring size. Just print and cut out by the formula. Follow the instructions on the drawing.


If you can not print scoops enough that you prepare a piece of thread / ribbon / strip of paper, etc. Then place your finger along the perimeter and measure. The width of the circuit is matched to the size of the ring. Refer to the table below.


Size can also check by measuring the diameter of the ring already owned.


WARNING! Keep in mind that finger size may vary depending on the seasons, weather and time of day.

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